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In this special report, we explore how soccer, and other sports, can be used as tools to bring communities together and increase their resilience. Soccer programs for youth have the capacity to instill in them life skills that can contribute to a culture of peace. Our short clip shows how soccer has not been inclusive of women; however, the Football Museum in Sao Paulo is currently making efforts to highlight this issue and resolve it.

- Conflict Assessments and Maps -


Boko Haram Conflict Assessment/Map

This conflict assessment analyzes Boko Haram, one of the most violent terrorist organizations in the world. Using Paul Wehr's conflict mapping guide, we focus on the conflict's history, the main conflict parties, the principal issues, conflict resolution attempts, and we conclude the assessment with some recommendations. This is the first assessment from a series of conflict assessments and maps that we will be publishing moving forward. Download Assessment 


Tunisian Youth Radicalization Conflict Map. Conflict maps are excellent tools to understand conflicts at all levels. This map explains the youth radicalization process in Tunisia focusing on key actors, core issues, relationships, conflict dynamics, power relationships, and key events that may have led to youth becoming frustrated and radicalized after the 2011 Revolution. Download document.

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